Monday, October 5, 2015

Adventures in D&D Land: I'M ALIVE!

I am alive... or I mean, my character is alive. Xavros made it out the dreaded cave after almost dying. To recap our adventures, which can also be found here at the Glitterbomb website, I'll copy and paste what I've written from my Tumblr recaps, but for the full adventure visit the Glitterbomb site. In my first outing with Wendy, Deacon, and AJ (who had pressing obligations later in our adventure and I had to take over for him as monk). During the course of our adventure: 

We found out in the middle of a cave that our “healing” cleric doesn’t actually know any healing spells when he couldn’t heal our ranger. 

So, guess who had to heal her? That’s right. Scumbag bard (me).

This led to the ranger attempting to murder our cleric because he accidentally disconnected and she'd taken over for him. Later, he claimed he never said he was a healing cleric, but our emails between each other have determined that is a lie.

We managed to make it out the cave just barely, even though our “healing” cleric didn’t have any healing spells. For now on, I’ll use “healing” in quotes when I speak of him. It was an absolute mess. My bard took a knee and made it by the skin of his teeth after healing the monk (which I am also playing since the person who plays the monk had to take a leave and put his character’s life in my hands… LOL) and getting one kill and the cleric took a knee, too.  DID I MENTION THE CLERIC SHOT ME IN THE BACK WHICH IS WHY I TOOK A KNEE?

In his defense, he did slow down a particularly powerful opponent we were fighting until we got a better tactical advantage where the monk (again, played by me for right now) and the ranger could commit outright murder and drown it.

Last night, we made made back to the town where we sought out the innkeeper who had us looking for supplies. My bard was still down, but conscious now. He was conscious enough to threaten the shopkeeper with his hellish magic (he was bluffing, he doesn’t have hellish magic yet…). Still didn’t get their gold but they were promised gold in the morning. The warrior they recused from the cave paid for their lodging and meals and assured them he’d make sure they got their gold. My bard is holding a grudge against the cleric because he shot him in the back. It was an accident but still.

Somehow my Scumbag Bard is also the treasurer of our new riches. I’m not sure why they trust him with the cash, but there you go. We met another suspicious watch keeper who was mum about a bandit group terrorizing the village. However, we couldn’t get him to open up about it. Long story short we found a kid useful for information and ended up running in the members of the group. Now we gotta fight them because they’re trying to steal our hard earned gold. My bard is still at 1 hp because my rest wasn’t long enough and I didn’t think to use cure woulds before moving about time. I’m hoping I can hit cure wounds before one of them attacks. *sigh* So stressful this game.
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2016 Reading Challenge
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