Monday, September 16, 2013

Tempest Plays The Walking Dead Season One: Episode Five

Forever known as Episode NOPE  in my book.

Episode 5

Removed Lee's arm? You and 71% of players removed your arm.

I assumed that chopping off his arm might've saved Lee or at least allow the infection to pass a little slower. It just seemed like a good idea at the time, okay. It worked on the show with Herschel. Why couldn't it work here? I can have hope. Leave me alone.

Lost temper? You and 74% if players lost your temper with Kenny.

Sometimes, I just really want to push Kenny over a ledge or something, and sometimes, I want to sing the best friends forever song with him. I didn't actually intend for Lee to lose his cool with Kenny, but I accidentally picked the option that made Lee throw the bust/vase whatever that was he picked up. It just seemed a little uncharacteristic for Lee, or at least how I was playing him I guess. It's just the meter was moving so fast, and I'd picked the option for Lee to lose his temper before I knew it.

Gave up weapons? You and 59% of player surrendered your weapons.

I didn't want to make a bad situation worse, so I stupidly gave up the weapons. I shouldn't have done that in retrospect, but it's done now. We made it out alive. It was a no-win situation anyway. I didn't agree with Kenny and the group to take the supplies, even though in a real life situation I probably would've taken the supplies. The world has gone to  hell and survival should be their first instinct, but sometimes, that survival does lead to lasting consequences such as what happened with the stranger and his family. But I wonder how the hell he even found Clementine and all that. That was a bit... much.

Killed Clementine's captor? You and 57% of players didn't kill the strangers.

I didn't have any weapons. Was it even possible to kill him without weapons? Clementine caused a distraction by using the cleaver on him, and then we sort of struggled until I think Clementine killed him. I can't remember. That scene was pretty quick, and it's been a couple of weeks since I've played it. Sorry.

Stopped Lee from turning? You and 36% of players told Clementine to leave Lee.

I only did this because I plan to do the opposite when I finish my Xbox playthrough. Okay, I am lying. I just wasn't ready for that, okay? I was already sobbing like a baby at that point and was in dire need of more tea that  I couldn't will myself to fetch. I wasn't ready to make it final by killing him, even though it was pretty much final. I was emotionally compromised. I wasn't ready for this decision.

And a look back at the damage I caused:

Episode 5-3 Episode 5-2


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