Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tempest Plays The Walking Dead Season One: Episode Three

Episode Three. Herein lies spoilers.

Episode 3

Did you shoot the girl in the street? You and 59% of players did not shoot her.

This is the worst decision I've made so far in this game. Worst. And again, I'm surprised by the high percentage of players who did the same thing. I guess, in light of things, she was doomed either way, might as well use her death to buy us more time and save the ammo. That is such a terrible way to die, though. I felt like crap after that. It would've been better to put her out of her misery. Poor girl, but the game told me that I got plenty of supplies. Was that supposed to make me feel better?

Did you abandon Lilly? You and 42% of players left her.

Lilly, why? You forced my hand... or rather, Lee's hand, but you know what I mean. I did agree with Lilly's logic that the culprit was probably Ben, and I had Lee respond in kind. However, that was just conjecture and didn't call for the witch hunt she started up. She called for a vote, but still ignored everyone saying they wouldn't take part in that until things calmed down. And then... she completely lost her marbles... and I lost Doug. That was so demoralizing. I couldn't take her anywhere after that. Keeping her and Kenny together would've just been a double recipe for disaster anyway. One of them would've shot the other before it was all said and done because things would've only gotten increasingly bad. I understand that she's over the edge because of what happened with her father and the stress of the situation they're in, and while I haven't played Lee to be the nicest person to her, he did try to help save her dad and he's been sympathetic to her agitation. She crossed the line, though.

Did you fight Kenny? You and 44% of players talked him down.

I should've fought Kenny, but I felt bad for him. Sure, he totally deserved to be punched in the face, but it didn't feel very productive to make Lee fight with him if he could be talked down. Out of respect for Katjaa and Duck, I had Lee talk him down. I guess there could be some scenarios where you just can't do that. I would assume that would happen if you haven't taken his side very often, but it seemed both options were there for me.

Did you shoot Duck? You and 79% of players shot him.

As Lee said, no parent should have to shoot their own child. That's the end of that story. I guess we could've left him there to reanimate, but that would've just been terrible.

Did you help Omid? You and 55% of players helped Omid.

I chose to help Omid onto the train first because he was injured. What was the thanks I get? Getting called a piece of shit because I didn't help Christa instead of him. If Omid hadn't been injured, I would've chosen Christa. Damn you, Omid.


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