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Tempest Plays The Walking Dead Season One: Episode Two

Since I last posted about this, I've switched blogs and consoles. I started playing this game on my Xbox, but I've continued it on my PC. I made all the same choices in episode one of my PC game as I did in my Xbox game with one notable exception. I chose Doug for the different perspective. I do plan to finish my Xbox playthrough, where I'll probably continue down the road of very nice Lee. I'm not playing Lee to be a total jerk on PC, but I am making some "harsher" decisions on my PC playthrough that on my Xbox playthrough. Spoilers after the jump.

The Walking Dead Episode Two

Chopped David's leg off? You and 15% of players left him to die.

On Xbox, I helped him by chopping off his leg and taking him back to camp while that other kid, Travis, got swarmed, so this was really just a curiosity choice to see how things differed from that. I knew that Travis was going to have to somehow be injured since someone had to replace David's death in order for the group to learn that everyone comes back from the dead no matter what. I can't believe that he was stupid enough to actually struggle with Mark over the gun.

Shot Jolene? You and 87% of players had Danny shoot her.

I didn't shoot her on the Xbox, and I didn't shoot her here. I think either way I play Lee, whether he's nice or a little more harsh, he's suspicious of the St. Johns. When I was playing this on Xbox, the minute they showed up I was suspicious of them. To me, they seemed a little too curious about what was going on in the group, especially since they had a nice setup of their own. For that reasoning, I feel Lee would listen to what she has to say since I think he'd note the antagonistic way she addressed Danny, not to mention that some of the dairy farm boxes were there in her camp.

Helped kill Larry? You and 68% of players didn't help.

I didn't help kill Larry in either playthroughs, but I thought about it in this one. I didn't like Larry one bit. Between him trying to kill Duck before knowing if he was bitten or not and trying to kill Lee by preventing him from leaving the overrun store, there was more than enough fuel there to make the decision. However, it just didn't feel right to drop the salt lick on Larry's head in front of his daughter and Clementine. However, it's one of those decisions that I can't really fault Kenny for. Maybe Larry could've been revived, but then again, maybe he couldn't. Also, I don't fault Larry for thinking that Duck might've been bitten, but Duck was a child. He would've been easy to handle with weapons at hand. Larry on the other hand was huge and weapon choices were nonexistent.

Killed both of the St. John brothers? You and 82% of players didn't kill both brothers.

Another decision that stayed the same. The reason I didn't do it on Xbox is because Clementine already watched too much killing. Yes, I realize the world has gone to crap, and Clementine was going to have to deal with it. However, with the dead killing so many people, I just didn't want her to continue witnessing how terrible the living can be to one another when they should be working together. On PC, though, it was more of a revenge decision, leaving the St. Johns to die that horrible death they deserved.

Stole food from the car? You and 44% of players didn't steal.

Another one of my curiosity decisions. I'd stolen the food on Xbox, which is honestly the most logical decision.  I'm surprised that the number of players who didn't steal the food is this high.

Side Notes: Kenny really disappointed me with his coded language when he called Lee "urban" and assumed that he (Lee) would know how to pick a lock. I chuckled a bit when he tried to blame his slip on the fact that he's from Florida and sometimes messed up things come out of his mouth. We can agree there, Kenny. I can't wait to see how this thing blows over with Lilly. I'm not a huge fan of Lilly either, but I have more sympathy for her than I did her father. I think she was just trying to do the best she could, trying to be tough on everyone so needless mistakes weren't made that could cost them horribly.


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