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[Game Thoughts] Analogue: A Hate Story

Analogue: A Hate Story was one of those impulse buys during last year's Steam Summer Sale. While the screenshots didn't do much to inspire me, the premise seemed a bit interesting, and it was only a couple of dollars. So, I figured why not. If I didn't like the game, it would be no big deal since I bought it on sale. I'm pretty terrible about buying games on Steam and then forgetting about them. Recently, I said I was going to start cleaning out my catalog. Okay, this will be my second attempt at that. I said that last year, but then, Mass Effect 3 was released and with its release, all my ambitions were lost.

Analogue is more of a visual novel with the story being told in a non-linear fashion as the player unlocks more of the ship's logs. I was able to do two complete playthroughs in one sitting and unlock all the Steam achievements for it.The description of the game says that this is the story of a ship lost in space. In the 25th century, a ship was sent into space in hopes of creating an interstellar colony. The ship disappeared, but has finally been found 600 years later. It's only inhabitants are two AIs named *Hyun-ae and *Mute. The player can decide to explore what happened on that ship or do the simple assignment they've been tasked with and end the game.

I'm not going to say that description is misleading because it technically isn't, but this game ended up being an emotional rollercoaster of a ride that I wasn't really expecting. It's a very emotionally driven story that revolves around a "saying" found in the game: "Men are honored, women are abased." With that in mind, the treatment of the women in this story might be off-putting and disturbing for some gamers. This is intentional since it is a commentary on gender equality. Anyone who knows me knows that topics like that are very relevant to my interests. And yes, this (what happens with the women) is very important to what happened to the ship and its people, but I do advise caution for those who might be triggered.

I have two chief complaints with this.

This is more a sympathy complaint, but the console system can be a bit tricky. I can see where using the system might be confusing and frustrating for some players, even using the "help" command can be a little vague. This might cause many gamers to not fully experience the whole story as they'll complete the easiest objective and move on from the game unsatisfied. Personally, I thought it was fun to figure these things out, but I majored in Computer Science. I love tinkering with consoles.

Also, I think the art might make some think this story is sillier than it really is. Admittedly, I sort of felt that way about it and worried that I was going to get some gross story with the sexualized schoolgirl thing. I think that makes it easy to overlook or keep pushing to the backburner, which is unfortunate since this is a very thoughtful story.

Playing this now was apparently the perfect time since Hate Plus will be released on the 19th of this month. Also, the creator Christine Love sounds like someone to keep an eye on with her twitter bio stating: "I write games with too many words in them about women and queerness and technology. Please, let’s work hard together to make the world a cuter place!"


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