Thursday, June 6, 2013

Things That Managed to Piss Me Off Today: Certain Book Readers

Just reposting this from my G+ account. No spoilers.

The thing that bothers me about this whole Red Wedding deal on Game of Thrones and the reactions is how snobbish many book readers are coming off right now to the people who DIDN'T read the books. This is a problem that I usually only encounter when my fellow comic book readers are being purist jerks to the point of needing to be slapped in the mouth. That is what's going on with so many of the book readers of A Song of Ice and Fire right now, and it's annoying me to the point on being downright combative toward them. Some readers are joking around and you can tell the ones who are just ribbing from the ones who are being openly snobbish because they read books and they just happen to have read these books.

1. "You know this was coming," is not an appropriate response to me. Book readers seem to assume because we (other book readers) knew this was coming that we shouldn't act all surprised. Just because I knew something was coming doesn't mean I'm not allowed to react with surprise, shock, and pain to the scene. I'm reacting to the scene as it was presented in this format, and it was an intense, emotionally driven scene. Knowing about the scene doesn't take away from the scene for me or many other people who have read the books. We live the experience as it is happening on the screen, not as it played out in our heads when we read the books.

2. "You should've read the books," is not an appropriate response to people who haven't read the books including other book readers and people who plan to only experience the world through the show. It is not okay to insert yourself into a conversation only to try to shame someone because they didn't read the books. That includes passive-aggressively using gifs and triple-play Scrabble words to basically call someone an idiot for not reading the books.

The one thing that I liked about this scene is that it fostered conversation between the book readers and the show watchers. It allowed a free flow of conversation where everyone could discuss how they felt about the scene and many of the show watchers were very receptive to what the book readers had to say about their experience with the scene in the book versus their experience with the scene on the show until the Book Reader Elite started coming in with their "read the book, didn't read the book" reaction gifs and just general boorish attitude that ruined a perfectly fine discussion between people.

Am I being testy right now? I might be, but this is one of my peeves when it comes to books/comics versus their tv/movie counterparts. The purists who feel their only goal in life is to disrupt conversation because "Haha! Read the book." You can't sit with us. Get out!


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