Monday, June 10, 2013

Tempest Plays The Walking Dead Season One: Episode One

I just finished up episode one of this game. I'm so sorry that I waited so long to play this game. Friends had been trying to get me to play this game forever, but I kept putting them off. Finally, I decided to blow these Xbox points I had on episode one. (And got the rest of the episodes free during the XBL Gold membership deal thing.) I'm enjoying this way more than I thought I would.

This isn't a terribly hard game, but they don't allow me eight million seconds like Mass Effect to make decisions, which makes me tense. I guess that's the point, though, to make the player make their first choice without mulling over it forever. This is a tense situation. You have to think fast.

I wanted to talk a little bit about the choices I made during the course of the episode, so if you're not trying to be spoiled, you may want to leave now.

Go ahead.

I'll wait.

Still here? Good.

My decisions versus other players

Lied to Hershel? You and 63% of players told the truth.

That’s not exactly true. I stopped one step short of telling Hershel the complete truth. Up to the point where Hershel asked who Lee was riding with, I’d been honest. Of course, Lee’s answers were vague, and perhaps mentioning he’d been riding with a cop would’ve been equally as vague. I just didn’t chance it, but I was mostly honest! That should count for something. I guess there's not anything Hershel could've done about Lee in a zombie apocalypse besides try to kill him like Lilly's dad.

Duck or Shawn? You and 47% of players chose Shawn.

I actually got to do this part twice because my game did something weird and I had to shut down the Xbox and all kind of stuff. I chose Duck the first time, thinking if I saved Duck first Lee would do it quickly and could help Shawn. Duck's a kid. I have a weak spot for kids. Talk about being horrified when Shawn didn’t live. My game must’ve felt my horror because it gave me a do-over and I chose Shawn this time. Only to be trolled by the game. We could’ve saved Shawn if Kenny hadn’t ran off with Duck. KENNY!

Side With Kenny? You and 48% of players defended Kenny.

Even though I was pissed off at Kenny because of what happened at the Hershel's farm, ol’ girl’s dad ain’t just about to go killing kids when he's not even sure the kid has been bit. There seems to be an adequate amount of time to observe someone to see if they've been bitten before they become dangerous. That shit dad pulled wasn't cool. I’ll throw his off the hinges ass out there first with his damn daughter before that happens. I know everyone’s tense, but Lilly’s dad is out of control and dangerous. He’s not the ideal person to have around in a crisis like this, especially after he tried to get Lee killed. Do you think anyone gives a damn about what Lee’s done when there are ZOMBIES trying to kill them and Lee has been nothing but loyal and helpful. GTFOH, dad.

Gave Irene the Gun? You and 55% of players refused the gun.

This was actually an accident. I wasn’t going to give it to her at first, but then, I’m like… man, she probably should put herself out of her misery before she turns. She says something about becoming a walker not being Christian, but neither is suicide, I thought? Either way, I was going to let her do it, but then chose the wrong answer. So, I just let it stand. I’ll do another playthrough.

Doug or Carley? You and 76% of players chose Carley.

Game, no. Why did you do this? I wanted them both. I WANTED THEM BOTH. In the end, I chose Carley, though, because of her expert marksmanship. The fact that Carley liked Doug and tried to tell him before he died…? A bloo bloo bloo

On to episode two.


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