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Tempest Plays Final Fantasy XIII: And This One Time at l'Cie Camp...

Super Saiyan Goku-Cid
It's been a while since I last complained... I mean... talked about my latest adventure in Final Fantasy land. Work and family stuff made me take a brief hiatus on it. I haven't really been able to play anything for the past week or two due to life. I'm working my way through Mass Effect 2 on Xbox, too, but I've been trying not to get all tied up in it because it's easy for me to get into that game and just forget about whatever else I'm doing (case in point, I beat Mass Effect 1 on Xbox from beginning to end 100% over a weekend that was supposed to be dedicated to FFXIII), especially when pit against Final Fantasy, which is not my favorite gaming series ever--but I want to beat at least one FF game that isn't VII. But I love Mass Effect, and I regret nothing.

Since my last visit, I learned that I was not in the open world as I'd originally thought. I was evilly misled into believing that I was free only to end up fighting Barthandelus, who is one of the Fal'Cie... I think... I'm not sure. I think he told me Sanctum was also controlled by the Fal'Cie or something after he killed the C.Viper Cosplayer. I don't know her name, so she gets to be the C. Viper cosplayer. She's dead, and it doesn't matter what her name is. Anyway, he also thought it was perfectly okay for him to start changing all the rules of the game after all this time I've been playing, and then had the nerve to make me fight him in two different forms. Rude.

I played a ridiculous game of hide and go get with the baby chocobo. I may have done that before I faced Barthandelus, though. It doesn't really matter. It happened, and I don't know what that was even about. I had my heart trounced a little about Sazh and Dajh. As I said, that Sazh's story is one of the few character stories that feels real to me and not some overblown teen drama, but I was also a little nervous about what his reaction to finding out Vanille's part in Dajh becoming l'Cie.

It was kind of heartbreaking how there was just this moment of despair and Vanille just basically saying she deserves whatever revenge Sazh wishes to But Sazh doesn't, of course, and how she threw herself in front of him to protect him from his eidolon. Just feelings everywhere. I've come to the conclusion that the only people I care about in this game are Sazh, Vanille, and Fang. I've made my peace with this.

Also, I attended l'Cie camp. It was... I can't believe there is a bootcamp for l'Cie to be honest.

This time around things have been tolerable, though. There were a couple of wonky cutscenes, but over all there was less complaining from me, except any time Snow opened his mouth. Everyone else has kind of calmed that dramatic crap down, except him. He's still doing all these ridiculous gestures and thinking everyone is his friend, and I am just 100% done with Snow. I'm going to try to ignore him, but everything he does irks me. I just yell at the screen, "Can you just shut up and be cute for a little while? Dammit, man." Why are we still getting the dramatic air swiping noises and the struggle fists of WE SHALL OVERCOME FOR SERAH? So done. So very, very done. I need you to roll back a little, Snow... please...

I am very disappointed in the Cid Raines boss fight that culminated at the end of l'Cie camp (which was me running around some underground place killing things to become a better l'Cie.... in other words, grinding...). After that tricky battle with Barthandelus, I expected them to continue to throw challenges at me with the boss battles, but that fight with Cid wasn't even worth the words I'm wasting on it right now to type this. It only even took me six minutes to fight him because I was curious about his "shifting roles" to counteract my paradigm shifting and then, I tired of him and finished the fight. I mean, maybe I didn't expect the next boss to be ridiculous like Barthandelus, but I surely didn't expect a 6 minute baby fight. But they made up for it by following with Fang getting all bent out of shape (almost uncharacteristically so) emotionally and leading into her eidolon battle with Bahamut.

Let's pause a second. I didn't realize, until Fang said it, that supposedly the eidolons were supposed to show up when a person was in great emotional despair to "end" their misery. Obviously, that was the wrong line of thinking, but this belief seems to be that they grant you mercy through death. Was that really how I was supposed to view them? I never did. That thought never even came to me. I already talked a little about how I'd been viewing the eidolons. And I just never got the feeling that any of the characters who'd fought their eidolons before Fang felt like they were there to grant them death.

The eventual realization that they come to help you and show you another path when you needed them the most seemed like a given, that they pointed out some inner strength in the characters--yeah, that's how I always took it. So, not only did I not realize that they thought these things were there to kill them--even though their friends are, y'know, using them in battle--they apparently didn't think I understood what they were telling me when Hope had his eidolon battle not even 10 minutes after Fang's. So, we had to rehash the whole "THEY ARE NOT HERE TO KILL US!" thing again with Hope, even though there was a valiant discussion about all this and Fang's eidolon actually just saved your ass there, buddy, in that dramatic cutscene of the team ending up in yet another aircraft accident. Sazh, I love you, but you are banned from flying anything else.

And while we're on this eidolon stuff, why is Hope's so extra? We have Snow with his little Shiva bike, Lightning with her Odin pony, Sazh with his Brynhildr sports car, Fang with her Bahamut bird, and then there's Hope with... Is that a fortress, Hope? I mean, an actual building like... how do you ride it? You can't. It's stationary. Everyone else has something you can ride, and you have a fortress. That thing is astronomical. Who is going to carry that? Does that mean if you fall out of another plane that Bahamut bird will always have to come to your rescue or...??? One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn't belong.

Anyway, I guess I really am in the open world now. There is nothing here, but grass and water and these Cie'th Stones. Poor things. Gran Pulse does not look like a fun place. It's in the middle of nowhere with roaming packs of things that can probably eat us, and I have a feeling that I'm going to want to fight these Cie'th Stones before this is all said and done. Stay tuned.


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