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Tempest Plays Final Fantasy XIII: Your Choices Matter, Shepard... I mean... Hope

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Finally made it to chapter five and the second disc, and I'm still not in the open world part of the game yet. I’m starting to believe that claims that there is an open world are unsubstantiated. I'll probably have better luck bumping into the loch ness monster at the grocery store. I'm going to die wherever the hell this place is. The game has me logged at about 10 hours, but some of those hours were probably spent paused and checking out Tumblr. I can only surmise that I'm getting close, or they want me to believe that I'm getting close, since Lightning and Hope are traveling through some forest-like area called the Gapra Whitewood where I've had to listen to Hope talk about getting stronger every three seconds. He has a vendetta to make good on, and he’s not going to let me forget that... as much as I wish he would.

I'm ready for someone to sit down and explain how choices work to Hope. What happened to his mother is terribly sad, but she made the decision to follow Snow--just as he made the decision to chase Snow and seal his fate in the process. I want to feel empathy for Hope, but he's making it near impossible to do so. He wouldn't be the first character who misdirected their anger, but it's done in such a way to make him particularly annoying for me. I’ve volunteered Commander Shepard for the job of explaining how choices work. She knows all about choices and how they matter. 

Lightning is starting to show some emotions in earnest now with Hope. She went from berating him for being soft to, “Call me Light.” She’s still mostly keeping up that “I ain’t need you” act, but at least I’m starting to get some other facets of her. It seems that she’s starting to become more contemplative of the days leading up to becoming a Fal’Cie and acknowledging her role in all this drama and how little she listened. I’m hoping part of that recollection leads to making her peace with Snow so she can help Hope get through his BS with Snow, too. I don't want to spend the next half of this game listening to how much Snow fails. You hate it. I get it. Let's move along. Speaking of Snow, he finally was shown again in a cutscene getting smacked around a little bit by Fang. Hopefully, she’ll smack some damn sense into his fool head.

I still have no idea what this story is really about. While I do appreciate where I think Square Enix is trying to go with the eidolons and l’Cie, the story still feels poorly actualized and disjointed. There’s a bit of sensory overload as I continue to try to keep up with sudden cutscenes (though less frequent now, but still jarring at best since it was hard to keep up with the beginning of the story and I feel lost) tooled around combat. I keep saying that I’m going to sit down and read the datalog so I can fill in the blanks that I’m having right now. However, I keep getting sidetracked. I haven’t even touched the game, as of this writing, in a few days in favor of completing Mass Effect on Xbox (almost done!). I have a long weekend coming up, so playing this should happen even if only briefly.

I am a little disheartened that I haven’t taken the time out to read the datalogs. I love codexes in games and peruse them quite extensively, but the game has to have piqued my interest in the story and/or characters enough for me to want this knowledge. It’s never a waste of time when I read the codexes even if that’s the only thing I do in a game for a few play sessions. This game has failed to make me care enough about the characters and their world to do that. There are characters I like such as Sazh and Vanille, but there’s still no connect for this game and me. Typically, I love exploring game worlds, but now, I just want to get to an actual open area.

I guess I could quit, but I am invested enough to continue, even if I do complain. As I mentioned earlier and in my last blog post about FFXIII, I like where they’re going with the eidolons and I appreciate the Paradigm Shift battle technique. The world is visually nice to look at as well, but continues to remind me how much I wish I could take screenshots to post. Add that to the fact that this certainly isn’t the worst game I’ve played in my lifetime. Besides, I’m too stubborn to quit right now.


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