Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tempest Plays Final Fantasy XIII: Senpai Notice Me Pls

The title of this post jokingly came about when I mentioned that Hope's first memoir will be called: "Why Won't Senpai Notice Me?"

I've caught up to Snow again and have successfully had Lightning push this bitter ass kid off on him, but more importantly, she left me there with Snow and the kid when I really wanted to follow her and Fang. Why can't I have nice things? Fang and Snow made a dramatic entrance stage right just as Hope and Lightning are surrounded by Sanctum. I'd be lying like a mofo if I said that I didn't enjoy that cutscene. That was probably my favorite one so far. Yeah, it was over the top, but isn't everything in this game?

I guess leaving Hope is Light's way of getting him to make peace with this situation and find his "hope." This forces him to confront his feelings. But how smart is it to leave this kid, a kid you gave a weapon to, with someone he's very bitter towards right now. And I guess in a way, leaving him with Snow would also make Snow own up to the fact that he can't save everyone. Heroic deeds aren't just measured by how many people you manage to save. There were lots of challenging conversation as Hope tried to get Snow to admit some culpability for his actions without being specific about his interest in Snow's answer because of his mother's death.

Snow put it on pretty thick with the hero business which in turn had me rolling my eyes into infinity, but Hope's line of questioning broke through Snow's hero act. I thought having Hope force Snow to confront the fact that he's hiding behind his hero thing was fine and well done. Snow had even started to piss me off with the offhand attitude he was taking toward people's lives saying things like people were stupid for getting themselves killed, which is a really ignorant thing to say, especially since he doesn't believe that. It was about time for Snow to stop hiding behind all that hero bravado. 

But then Hope ruins any empathy I was starting to feel for him after he tries to kill Snow. His attempt to kill Snow was thwarted by an attack from the Sanctum, which sends him and Snow hurtling over a balcony. During Hope's attempt on his life, Snow finally figured out who Hope was and the promise he made Hope's mom. During their descent he uses his body to protect Hope from the brunt of the fall. Snow awakens first after their fall. Yeah, I don't know how either. Hope is a fragile snowflake, I guess. Snow continues to their destination while carrying an unconscious hope on his back when he can barely move himself.

Cut to Fang and Light. I think I'm going like Fang. I wasn't sure during the cutscenes before getting her, but now she's actively in my team, I think I love her. She's a blast to listen to during battle because she seems to enjoy it more than she should. LOL. I don't know what her relationship to Vanille is quite yet, but I think hearing how she'd destroy the world to protect Vanille is something of a wake-up call to Light, as if this is the attitude she should've had for her sister instead of rejection and disbelief, which it is. Maybe I'm being too hard on Light. She obviously regrets the choices she's made in response to her sister's situation. Usually, I can empathize with people who make similar regrettable choices, but not with this game or these characters. That just goes back to the lack of connection between this game and me.

Hope and Snow make their amends during their walk while Snow carries him. He even gives Hope back the blade and tells him that, if Hope feels that he hasn't made his amends by the end of their journey, he has the right to attempt to take his life. Once Snow crumbles that boy really falls. Light and Snow make their peace at Hope's home. We're introduced to Infinitely Apologetic Snow who now gets on his knees and begs forgiveness. He's Infinitely Heroic Snow's twin brother. They haven't seen each other in a while. Everyone has their moment of reflection and clarity. Now, they're all hugging it out. I guess since everyone is BFFs now they can concentrate on the task ahead. That's just great. Now, can someone please tell me what the hell is going on?

One thing that I think will be intensely interesting is Sazh finding out about Vanille (and Fang) making his son l'Cie. I've seen the flashback showing how it happened, and I'm feeling a little apprehensive for Vanille because you know it's going to come out sooner or later because drama. I think Sazh feels he has to protect her because she's just a kid in his mind, all of them are to him, but he's spent more time with Vanille than the others. And they're obviously building up a father/daughter relationship. I can't even imagine how hurt and betrayed Sazh will be once he finds out.

Another thing I'm curious about is Vanille and Fang being awaken from crystal stasis. They're l'Cie who finished their focus, but now they've been awaken with a new focus that they're not sure of. Fang tells Light that Vanille doesn't have much time left to fulfill her focus before becoming a monster. However, that proves that Snow was right about Serah being able to come out of stasis, but there's still the question of when and why it happens. It also leaves open the possibility that she may never return from stasis.

19 hours and 45 minutes into the game, and I'm finally in this fabled open world. I have arrived.


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