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Tempest Plays Final Fantasy XIII: Open World? What Open World?

From Final Fantasy Wikia
I actually have about three blog post worth of thoughts for Final Fantasy XIII. I’ve just been busy, not to mention that I’ve been a bit under the weather. So, I’ll just get on with it and apologize for the rambly way this is written. It’s more of just a mind spill more than anything. 

Did this game really just give control of Snow after the flashback scene where I'm still in the flashback walking along the beach? Am I really walking on this pier just to get a continuation of the cutscene that just played for this flashback? Did someone really think it was a cute idea to break the flashback up with needless exploration? The answer to all this would be yes. Obviously, they knew I was dying to walk around this beach right into 
another cutscene. I mean, I was bursting with excitement to waste my time doing exactly that.

I don't know why I'm still ranting about that. I should be used to this by now, but it just annoys me so much.
I've finally made it out of the Whitewood with Hope and Lightning where Lightning has cautioned Hope to set a goal and focus on it in order to help him survive. Of course we have to hear about this goal being Snow. After Lightning says nothing to that, we're then blessed with this rousing speech from Hope about how he knows revenge isn't the answer and that it won't change anything, but but Snow has to pay. Lightning finally dredged up something akin to like for me when she finally told Hope that Snow isn't responsible for his mother's death, that Sanctum is to blame.

It only took her a million hours of listening to that whining to tell him that. But you know how that goes. He's going to have to deal with this on his own, but someone finally pointed out how ridiculous he is. I'm happy for just that alone. I'm even happier than she's confronting her part in the whole mess as well and acknowledges that she didn't listen to Serah when she should have, preferring to run from it and many other obstacles, hiding behind a soldier's bravado and all that. At least the personal stories make more sense than this l'Cie mess, even if I am still here rolling my eyes because of all this crap.

And why didn't Lightning believe Serah? Barring her sister was a compulsive liar and/or a practical joker whose jokes often took the form of meanness (neither of which were vibes I got from Serah in the flashbacks), why would you choose to believe your sister is lying to you about something so obviously dangerous? I mean, I guess, sometimes, that is human nature. It just seems to me that, if the one person who you love and care about told you she was in some deep shit, you'd at least look into it and not immediately try to hide from it. And it wasn't enough to not believe her, but you had to make empty threats, too?

More cutscenes with Fang and Snow where it's confirmed that any cutscene with Fang and Snow is probably going to end with Snow being smacked around by her. I didn’t pay much attention during one of their cutscenes, though, and feel like I might’ve missed something important. OH WELL. And we finally find out how Serah ended up wherever it is she ended up in another cutscene/flashback. And speaking of these flashbacks, I'm not sure that I appreciate how they handle them. I don't know if it's the fact that at first they seemed to be in order going backwards at and now it's just like Squeenix went "Fuck it!" and just started going all over the place with them or what. I wish I could say that they're lining up the cutscenes with what the characters are currently contemplating, but that's not always the case right now. Or maybe I’m still not paying enough attention.

I'm finally following Vanille and Sazh again where I'm sitting here wondering why do they want me to control the weather. No, I understand that changing the weather from sunny to rainy and vice versa will change the enemies I encounter, but why is this a thing? Why do they think I would want to do something like that when I'm going to have fight something one way or another regardless of these weather spheres? I guess if I wanted to grind the would be a good way to do it, but I'm not that pressed right now. It just doesn't even matter. And not only that, but this just feels like something I'm never going to see again outside of this area. I could be wrong, but even if I am, it's still a pretty useless idea. It serves no purpose other than adding a shiny landmark for me to run by.

I've learned a bit about Sazh's son, a small child, who is l'Cie as well. Out of all the personal issues going on, I think Sazh's is shaping up to be the most interesting for me. His is the only story that seems to be done in a way that mirrors real emotion. Not to say that the others' stories don't, but Sazh's feelings aren't exaggerated like the others. And maybe this is because he's much older than the rest of the group and isn't given to youthful rashness. We still don't know much about Sazh, but he seems to be a great tactician with a level head. Even though he's made no claim of ever being a soldier, I wonder if he's been involved in some type of military type work long ago. I may be off the base. This could just be wisdom acquired through age he's exhibiting. He mentions that he was married at one point, but that his wife is "gone."

Vanille's role as a saboteur is amazing, though. I just needed to say that her debuffs have made all the difference in the world in this duo team. She's probably the character I know the least about right now. I know some mystery lurks there with her. Even though she's always bubbly and energetic, she has moments where her happy mask fades, revealing something bothersome there. I hope we learn more soon about Vanille's past to see what happened to her. So much time seems to be spent focusing on Hope and Lightning's issues that other characters seem to suffer for it. Their duo segments of the game seem to take up much more time and has ten thousand more cutscenes than everyone else.

I will end this post with one very important question. Am I fighting sentient tomatoes right now?


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