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Deadman Wonderland Reading Progress - February 13th

Series: Deadman Wonderland by Jinsei Kataoka
Current Chapter: All Night All Night (Volume 6, Ch. 27), 52% done*

This manga. I can already tell that this is going to be one of my all time favorite mangas. It may even beat out my current #1 favorite manga, a title held by Bleach. It just seems to be the perfect combination of horror, thriller, mystery, drama, and humor. I've also found myself tearing up quite a few times because it manages to capture intensely emotional moments so well. One minute I'm laughing over something funny, such as Crow's ridiculous awkwardness around the opposite sex, and the next I'm tearing up during the death of a character or angry to the point that the sound of my pounding heart fills my ears.

I'd been reading the English version, licensed by the now defunct Tokyo Pop. There are 5 official English releases of the manga. Imagine how I felt when I found out there were 11 volumes available in Japan , and that there was no new English distributor releasing the manga. I'm using fansub (scanlation) sites to catch up with the rest of this series. When I first started read manga, I often had to read fansubs because not many series were being licensed for English reading fans. Should the rest of these be released in English, I'd be glad to purchase them for my collection.

Ganta has gone through many changes since arriving at Deadman Wonderland and has overcome many challenges, but I was completely blown away by the story about the Scar Chain gang. To me, that arc was flawless, a real masterpiece, and it's a story that will stay with me long after I've finished reading this series. I wasn't too thrilled about the introduction of the "rock super-monk" Genkaku or the Scar Chain gang when I first went into it. I thought things were going to take a schlocky turn. I didn't think I was in for bad writing, but I didn't expect it to be as well executed.

I'm happy to report that I was wrong. As I learned more about Genkaku and the Scar Chain gang leaders, the story just really culminated into a beautiful disaster of a narrative with so many complex issues weaved around each other to tell the story. Once I finished reading it, I needed a moment to process and reread parts that hit me the hardest,  which were basically all of Owl's parts near the end of the story. He was the breakout character for me, and later in that same arc, the brief glimpse of Genkaku's background really added something intricate to him that made me reflect on who he was.

After reading something as hard hitting as that, I'm underwhelmed by this forgeries business, but I did love that the deadmen were provoked by bringing up their worst fears and nightmares. Seeing how even Chaplain was disturbed made me hope that I was about to get something big because, from what I can tell, Chaplin isn't easily shaken. Well, I did get something big, but I was still a bit underwhelmed by it, except for the part where Minatsuki becomes Tumblr. However, don't take that to mean I didn't enjoy it. I did, but I don't see how the last arc is going to be topped anytime soon
Ganta is starting to morph even more in the aftermath of the Scar Chain gang, and Shiro is in love. However, Shiro's childlike state doesn't allow her to fully grasp the feelings she's having. The deadmen starting to be shown as more of a ragtag misfit family is awesome, as well. Lord knows they have their issues, but they're bonding and looking out for one another.  Ganta is once again threatening the order of things, though, which leaves his misfit family angry with him. Can't wait to see how that's resolved.

On to the next chapter!

*Note: I'm 52% done as of the chapter that the manga is currently up to which is Ch. 52. The service is ongoing, so you expect this percentage to fluctuate in strange ways.


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