Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mass Effect: Adventure Time with Male Shepard

I've been trying--rather unsuccessfully might I add--to finish the Mass Effect series with a male Shepard. I wanted to do a complete series run with at least one male character. I do have a male character that I finished Mass Effect 2 with on my PS3 and have started Mass Effect 3 with him, but he's pretty much stalled right now.  I don't know if I'll ever go back to him to be honest. I played most of the game on mute because I just couldn't take the voice.

I'm just not a fan of Mark Meer's Shepard voice. I think Mark Meer in general is a great voice actor. However, I just don't like where he went with Shepard's voice, and maybe I'm biased because I started the game with female Shepard. And Jennifer Hale's voice is wonderfully expressive, and I guess I just expected the same quality with male Shepard. However, I still think male Shepard has better facial expressions than female Shepard.

I've put the idea in my head that Shepard talks like he does because he thinks he's being calm and collected when his face is revealing all his emotions. Look, I have to do what works for me to make me be okay with that voice.

Anyhow, many of my female Shepards are patterned after awesome women I know in real life with some exaggerated traits--some who sort of dictate how I play "their" character. I'm looking at you, Chance. That has made the experience that much more fun and personal for me, so I decided to give that try with a male Shepard, patterning him after one of my longest and best male friends, Nick.

I've been streaming the playthroughs for Nick who has provided some interesting commentary on my choices for him, and I haven't muted the game one time. I'll sit at my computer flailing because I killed Cree Summer Macha Doyle during the Feros missions, and Nick's telling me, "You did good, child."

Just started Noveria, so I'll probably update with more of these. And no, I have no idea what to do as a sentinel. I prefer vanguard, infiltrator, and soldier.

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2016 Reading Challenge
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