Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Razer Naga: Ave Satana

First, I’m pretty sure that Razer’s three headed serpent is a hail to Satan, symbolizing their devotion to their dark lord because it kind of feels evil when I put my hand on the glowing mouse. I’m just saying. You pretty much have to make a pact with the devil for this kind of product. People don’t just dream these things up without dark intervention.

I used the mouse with my engineer on Guild Wars 2 first since she was the one that pushed me over the edge and made me say, “I think I need to have this mouse right now before somebody gets hurt.” I tried some various combinations while fooling around in the kiddie zones in Queensdale. At first, it was a bit frustrating, but that was not the mouse’s fault. That was just general experimenting getting on my nerves because I wasn’t finding too many setups I liked or if I did, there was one little thing threw the whole setup off for me.

Anyway, I just gave up on my engineer for the night and worked on some of my other characters where I was finding some of the same frustrations, so I defaulted all the binds in the options menu back to their original state and started from square one. Then, I changed what I normally do in the options—such as, changing “tab” to target nearest enemy—but kept it simple. And finally, gameplay started getting better for me. Right now, it’s just a matter of consciously reminding myself to hit the keys on the side of the mouse and not the keyboard as well as becoming familiar with what keys are where. I appreciate the middle row has ridges, but I still have to peek to make sure that I’m hitting 4 and not 5.

Earlier yesterday, I’d downloaded a program that would toggle my right mouse button at my leisure because I’m not too fond of how the game handles mouse look. It worked perfectly when I was using my old mouse, but the Naga somewhat negated me using that. This mouse makes it much easier and much more comfortable to hold down the right button to look navigate/look around because it’s much bigger than my wireless mouse. My wireless mouse was designed to leave a very small footprint, and I can use a lighter grip with the Naga than I did with my old one because this mouse isn’t as “stiff,” for lack of better word.

In fact, it feels better to hold the right mouse button down now. It seems to help anchor and position my fingers correctly on the side buttons. Didn’t get any hand cramps just yet, but I haven’t put it to the real test yet.

I thought I would set up some macros like bombs continuously launching as long as I’m holding down the key for it since it has no recharge time, which I guess could technically be done with fast cast in the options menu, but that’s so unpredictable. I still found that I was throwing bombs 20 miles away from my target with fast cast, even though my mouse was positioned correctly. But then, I thought, “Let me check the policy on this.” I know ANet is dedicated to stopping bots, and I’m know a big part of how bots work can be contributed to programs changing scripts or them using complex macros to achieve their goals.

However, ANet is so vague about what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable as far as that goes. I know, on one of the threads I was reading, official personnel told someone that just creating a macro to toggle the right mouse button isn’t a real problem, but still largely left some more “gray area” questions unanswered about it. So, I’m just going to err on the side of not doing it, not that I understand how to do it in Synapse yet anyway. I’ll play around with it later.


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