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AvX: What Am I Even Reading?

I’m just going to be honest. I really did not intend to read this because I didn’t want to read another wash, rinse, repeat story about anything dealing with Phoenix. I’m over that, but I was interested to see how this annulment business came about with Storm and Black Panther, and I wanted the full context. To be clear, I’ve always thought that was a couple that came into fruition because, hey, they are both black and African—totally legit reasons for making them hookup. Amirite? They went through such lengths to give them a shared background rather than building up to a meaningful relationship between the two. Now, they don’t seem to know what to do with them together.

What I left with after nine issues and reading some of the tie-in stories is a sour taste in my mouth concerning so many things in this event. I’m not even going to get started on all my Storm feelings right now because this would just make this even longer than it already is, but I’m sure I’ll find some time to scream about it later in its own post once I read more of this. So, I’ll gloss over some (read: not all) of the things that have annoyed me.

There aren't really any spoilers from this point, but this is long.
First, the characterization in this event is terrible, and the characters are a big part of why I love Marvel so much. I’m not overly impressed with their storytelling skills, but their characters are amazing, relatable despite being so bigger than life. So, it always hurts when it feels like they’re bastardizing a character “just because” rather than giving this shift in character some real depth, which is what I feel is going on with most of the characters in this story.

Why should I believe that some of these heroes, who are otherwise levelheaded, would do half the things I’m witnessing in this comic? To be fair, the threat of a vengeful Phoenix might make people do things they ordinarily wouldn’t, but the writing is just so mediocre and ridiculous at times that I have a hard time believing it. I don’t have a problem with making characters act out of sorts because everyone does at times, but it needs to be done in a way that’s compelling and believable rather than “Hello, I have come to fuck shit up.” When I spend most of my time asking why a character would do something rather than understanding why they would do something (whether I agree with the decision or not), you’ve already lost with me.

And I think they’ve definitely lost me with both Captain America and Cyclops. Okay, they’ve lost me with many of the characters, but especially the “leaders” of this whole mess. I find my time spending way too much of my thinking energy on those two.

Okay, for a long time, I respected Captain America, but he never was in my top list of characters that I loved unconditionally until Civil War. Civil War went on longer than it should, IMO, but it did leave me with this new love for Captain America. The speech he gave about being the voice of the people and not the voice of the government? That made my heart swell. In the beginning of this, I saw him essentially being in a similar mindset as Tony during Civil War, which Tony pointed out. He’s seemed to move away from that in the latest issues (possibly because this is a much shorter event than Civil War), but I just had a hard time believing that Captain America would exhibit the exact behavior that he was against during Civil War. And if he’s going to act that way, Marvel, at least make it believable. Damn.

I don’t like Cyclops, and there are very few issues of anything he appears in where I don’t blot him out of my mind, but despite that, I’ve never thought that Scott wasn’t a capable, calculated leader... until recently. Lately, he’s seemed so rash and doing stupid things in name of furthering the mutant agenda. I understand that he’s frustrated that most of the mutant population is nonexistent and looking for some way to restore the balance. And I understand that he is tired of mutants being attacked by others just because they were born different. However, he seems to lose more of himself the longer this goes on. I don’t understand why everyone is so willing to go along with his almost sadistic plans and only pooh-pooh his bad behavior—especially people like Storm and Magneto.

I can only hope that they’re setting Cyclops up for some life-affirming changes or something—whether those changes are good or bad. Otherwise, I’m a little miffed at what they’re doing to him, and it’s rare for me to say anything in Cyclops’ defense.

And while I haven’t read all the tie-in comics, there are some continuity problems. Comics always have continuity problems, but this is just downright ridiculous. It’s as if they’re suffering from severe memory loss and can’t remember what they wrote five seconds ago. Some of the tie-ins that expand on certain things happening in the main storyline deviate a bit from the facts presented in AvX. There just doesn’t seem to be much communication between the writers. The side books have a general idea of what’s going on in the main storyline, but when adding more detail, they seem to wander off into their own personal world and do things they shouldn’t with the story because it conflicts with the main story. And there’s never anything amusing about writers who can’t be bothered to check their sources. We all make mistakes, sure, but you’d think they’d double check themselves and make sure they stayed within the confines of the story.

Also, this event illustrates a thing that annoys me in big Marvel crossovers—the inability to have heroes settle things with each other without some threat of a bigger evil looming. Once again, I will point out that Phoenix was at least introduced at the beginning of the story, but generally, the heroes fight each other until they decide they need to work together for the good of humankind. Then, they share manly tears and promise to be friends and not fight again... until the next crisis that forces them to choose (or not choose) sides. The consequences of all this in-fighting rarely lasts. Once the heroes have made up, everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. And I’m honestly starting to believe that Marvel just doesn’t know how to resolve conflict between heroes without resorting to some BIG BAD trope.

However, I’ve made it this far, and I will see how they end this hot mess.


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