Monday, June 11, 2012

She's Gaming: The Witcher Chapter One

Slightly spoilerish, maybe.
At this point, I am surprised at how amused I am with this game. I still have my beef with the combat, but I even like the combat a little more now that I’m getting some variations in my moves and have picked up the Igni sign to go along with Aard. I’m enjoying the story more now that I’ve followed Geralt and finished the first chapter of the game.
Geralt is hilarious, and he is largely why I’m finding myself so amused. At first, I was a little put off by how deadpan he is, but I like how he’s turned out to be this snarky monster hunter, and at some points in the game how he’s all, “Oh, that is so unfortunate… dramatic pause… Yo, where’s my money you promised me?” It’s as if I’m just expecting him to insert a Kanye shrug in some of these conversations. I call him Casually Disinterested Geralt.
I thought it was hilarious how, even though Geralt needed this information on the Salamandra and the villagers’ trust, he still had the audacity to ask that they pay him (usually 200 orens, but he’s open to haggling) along with giving him the information for the trouble of taking care of the monsters for them, and they agreed to this. Villagers, how do you work? Geralt is a hustler.
I’m learning a lot about life by playing this game. I think I can incorporate these things into my daily life. Things I’ve learned from playing The Witcher:
  • It’s okay to fight monsters in the middle of the night while drunk.
  • It’s okay to extort money from people you need favors from.
  • It’s okay to aspire to be a professional gambler.
  • It’s okay to let the villagers get killed by ghouls because they leave behind stuff you can use… like money.
  • It’s okay to meditate in a forest full of monsters at night.
  • It’s okay to sleep with anything that is vaguely female when you do something vaguely nice for them.
  • It’s okay to have drinking contests to extract information from others.
Why am I not surprised the darkness in the villager’s hearts, the obvious moral decay in that town, is what attracted The Beast? But moral decay seems to be the theme in RPG games. Anyhow, I knew it wouldn’t be Abigail or something she conjured up. That would’ve been too easy and predictable. However, I did half expect The Beast to turn out to be the Reverend, which probably can still be viewed as just as predictable. But the villagers did turn out to be monsters in their own right.
That battle with The Beast gave me some fits. I don’t think I leveled up properly for that battle because as I mentioned before I’m mostly just winging it with talent points distribution. I think I died like 3 times before finally getting it. Abigail helped a little by healing me as long as she wasn’t distracted. I tried to keep the barghest off her to keep her focus on the healing, but she was stab happy. Anytime I knocked them down with Aard, she was right there stealing my quick kills when she should’ve been healing. And what’s this about toxicity? I got my first warning about that during that fight.
Just a general gameplay note.
I like how they handle the journal/codex/books in this game. Usually reading the information that journal/codex entries and books provide is optional. While I’m the type who devours those entries because I love things that add to the story, some people skip it, especially if it adds nothing to how they play the game.
In this game, reading your journal/codex entries and books are pretty much required. You can only learn about alchemical ingredients you can skin off a monster if you’ve read about them or if someone told you about them. Entries will also tell you their weaknesses, tactics, and what fighting style is most effective against them. I’m thinking the same goes for herbs. You have to know about them first before you can find them.
Your journal is your recipe book, as well, telling you the ingredients and the quantity needed for potions. And unless you’re playing on easy, every bit of that information comes in handy. I’m playing on normal difficulty which stated that some alchemy would be needed (easy doesn’t require alchemy; and hard requires quite a bit of mandatory alchemy). At first, it didn’t seem like I would need alchemy, but I learned better as I progressed. So, buying books in this game isn’t a wasted effort.
Another general note: the reused character textures. That’s driving me nuts. I know that happens in tons of games, but there was a moment when I thought I was looking at Vesna’s dead body and it was really a woman named Ilsa. I can see it more for some of the unimportant characters you don’t interact with, but maybe not so much for characters you have a high likely hood of encountering.
Started Chapter Two last night, but I’m at the very beginning. I just got far enough to gamble with my new elf friend and fight for the right to go down in the sewer and exterminate a cockatrice. Mikul has made it to my Kill Bill death list. I’ll get that little bastard, even if I have to write a fanfiction about it if they don’t give me that honor in the game. LOL.


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