Friday, June 22, 2012

She's Gaming: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I started this game with my cohort Sparkle. The following is actually ramblings that I posted on Tumblr. It's just some very brief ramblings about the beginning of the game. And when I say we're playing this together, I mean that we're flailing at each other from our respective corners of the nation over instant messenger.

Neither of us got very far. I don’t even know if Sparkle made it to the helipad, yet. I spent way too much time talking to people who were gossiping about Jensen, arguing with Pritchard, and confronting some dude who questioned Jensen’s mental state. And of course we had to laugh and exchange screenshots and talk about the adventures of Tsundere!Frank.

This conversation I had in the helicopter after meeting with Pritchard to reboot... I liked how he (Sarif?) asked me if I wanted to just smack around the baddies a little bit or did I want to make them bleed. And then he asked if I wanted to get up close and personal or if I wanted to do long range kills. Is this standard procedure in the game or just an example of how I can choose to basically run a mission however I want? Because if given a choice, I don’t want to stealth anything if I don’t have to.

Speaking of which, how the dialogue choices are handled makes me happy. I think, out of the games I’ve been playing lately, this one handles it the best. It’s less visually intrusive than the dialogue choices in The Witcher, but more detailed than Mass Effect’s paraphrasing system. (Those are the two games I’ve been playing recently.)

The only thing that I’m finding myself annoyed with is the crouching/cover thing. The switch to 3rd person view doesn’t aggravate me as much as I thought it would, but I hate that when I leave cover I’m almost always crouching. Now, there would be nothing wrong with that if I’d made Jensen crouch before going into cover, but I usually don’t. I just go into low cover by holding the command key for it, and I wish the game would recognize that and put me back in a standing position when I leave cover. Nitpicky, I know.

But other than that gripe (and I have one other, but I want to see if it continues to happen before complaining about it), I like it. I had a rocky start with the controls, but we’re going places now.


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2016 Reading Challenge
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