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Mass Effect 3 Initial Random Thoughts

Just started Mass Effect 3, and wanted to post some thoughts as I was playing. I'm not happy with how you can't truly import your character in if you've been holding on to them since Mass Effect 1 without any tweaks. I'm lazy I wanted them to just port in like that did in the second game, but here's what my main two look like now. Chance's brow should've been a little higher, but oh well, I said I was lazy. This is as good as it's going to get right now. 

Jane - Paragon
Chance - Renegade

Anyhow, this is mostly just a conscious stream of thought about what's going on in the game. I'll write a competent review when I'm done with the whole thing. Spoilers! Spoilers everywhere! Mind the cut.

Everyone already knows what basically happens on earth since that was pretty much the demo. There are a couple of added lines between Shepard and the Virmire survivor, though, on finding out the VS is a major now. Kaidan was my survivor and romance option for both my main girls. My paragon was, of course, cordial. My renegade was sarcastic about it. She might as well have said, "No one care." She made him pout a little. 

I don’t know how I quite feel about Vega yet. I think I’m warming up to him. He is a bit of your typical hothead right now, though. My first renegade/paragon action had to do with him and making him calm his shit down. For a second there, I thought my renegade might actually kick him or something equally as violent. She had that look on her face like, “Let me tell you one goddamn thing, homeboy.”

Prothean archives and Liara here. On landing on Mars, we realize that the base has been compromised and that it had to be an inside job. No worries. It’s not Liara. It’s another doctor who goes by the name Dr. Eva. The Protheans left a blueprint for a weapon to destroy the reapers. They just didn’t have time to build it. Got a couple of scenes here with my renegade getting exasperated with Kaidan who kept bringing up the Cerberus thing while trying to explain his position. There is one point where my renegade is like, “Not now, Kaidan. Ugh.”

After acquiring Liara, we send Vega back to the ship and then it’s like old times with Liara and Kaidan. You can call this a bit of an extended tutorial.  We learn how to move and cover as well as learning how to people out of cover with a surprise melee attack. Using the weapons right now is still a little confusing to me on the loadout screen, though. I have no idea how to equip the upgrades I’ve picked up at this point.

TIM makes his first (digital) appearance with Nightwing… I mean Kai Leng. Your Shepard doesn’t get to see Kai Leng, but he is in the room with TIM when he’s talking all that yadayada. You get TIM telling you you’re expendable and all that. He’s been using the technology to make the Cerberus troops into husk. He wants to control the reapers, the usual craziness and stupid threats. What the hell are you doing, TIM? Shepard doesn’t give a shit about your threats.

The mission ends with Dr. Eva handing Kaidan’s ass back to him when he should’ve shot the shit out of her. You chase her, which gives you more practice at vaulting over stuff and climbing up things. Also, it should be noted that Shepard may no longer be the worst driver in the game. Thanks, Vega. Dr. Eva tries to escape in a shuttle and Vega comes in and rams her nearly killing ALL the people (Shepard has words with him later about this, which is part of the sparring scene). Kaidan manages to get his ass kicked again by a reaperized Dr. Eva who emerges from her flaming shuttle, and she nearly kills him until Shepard unloads on her ass. Shep may be upset with him, but there are still feelings there.

It’s beautiful. I haven’t gotten to explore a whole lot yet, but it has a shooting range, and now, you can explore again in some depth like in the first game—maybe more than the first game. Rumors seem to be true about choosing Dr. Chakwas or Dr. Michel. No, thank you, Dr. Michel. Chakwas and I are home girls. She is my ride or die chick. You keep your easily blackmailed self on the Citadel where you’d better not let Kaidan die.

The council is still a fucking mess, even with Udina (who my renegade chose) on board. Udina seems kind of humbled when dealing with them like he’s trying to appease spoiled children. They seem to still kind of overrule human opinion in favor of being blind as fuck. I can’t with the council. I never could, and it looks like they’re still going to piss me off for about half of this game.

I should note that I actually liked Udina for the first time EVER. He really rallied for me, and even when it didn’t go our way (because the council is fucking stupid), he showed the proper amount of outrage to me in private about the council. He had ideas, though. I almost felt like giving him a brofist. Like Udina, my homie. Wait, what did you do with the real Udina?

The Turian councilor did come to speak with me in private with Udina wanting me to do something for him on the Turian homeworld. He used it as kind of bait. If you do this, the turians will HELP you. Bitch. Anyway, Garrus will probably be there, so I’m off!

I’ve gotten further in the game with my renegade than with my paragon because I’m just really wanting to see her get pissy with everyone and say, “I told you so!” My paragon is too nice for all that. I also wanted to see how she responded to Kaidan since she romanced Garrus in the second games.

Little side thoughts. Kudo points to the little fight scene with Vega and Shepard, and this “Lola” business is cute. Keep your panties on, renegade Shepard. It’s official Bioware hates kids. Cortez, Vega, and their random Spanish dropping. Cortez and my feels period. He had a husband on Ferris who was in the collector invasion, and he doesn’t want to talk about it. My tears. And Vega, why you so angry? I almost love you. How the fuck do I use these weapon mods?


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