Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gaming Ramble: Mass Effect

Credit: Mass Effect website

I just started playing Mass Effect on PC a couple of weeks ago. This is a big deal for me. I’m not much of a PC gamer. Aside from a couple of MMOs and simple point and click games like The Sims 3, I haven’t played many “serious” PC games over the years. There have been some exceptions, though. I played American McGee’s Alice on PC when it came out over a decade ago—just to name one.  Loved it, but I really had to force myself to stick with it because I didn’t like the controls.

Over the years, I have tried to play other PC games, but there was something daunting about remembering a bunch of keys. I think some of that had to do with not having much patient to really learn and remember the keys. I’m just a console gamer… forgive me. I am more comfortable with a controller in my hand than navigating with a keyboard and mouse.

Then, Mass Effect 2 came out on Playstation 3. I didn’t know much about the first one. My main games at the time ME1 was released were City of Heroes and The Sims 2, and I had many things going on for me during that time, which meant I didn’t have much time to focus on gaming. (My life went through a complete change in 2007-2008, but that’s another story for another time.)

Many of my PS3 owning friends and friends who’d played the first game on either Xbox or PC kept telling me how much they thought I’d enjoy the game because I love a game with a good story. I love a good story period. I resisted for a little while, and then, after more prodding, I decided I’d play it. But if the story was so great, I wanted to start with the first game rather than jumping into the second.

However, with Mass Effect, I faced a dilemma. I don’t own an Xbox 360. So, if I wanted to play the first part and not get some glossed over story from the PS3 sequel, I was going to either have to a.) borrow an Xbox 360, which a few family members do own or b.) play it on PC. And since a friend had a copy readily available for PC, I decided to try it. What could it hurt to try? Crazy computer controls or not!

Femshep! That's me! I'm awesome.

I’m probably not even halfway through the story, but it’s been amazing. Male Shep, female Shep, and all characters both major and minor are fully voiced. (Side note: The woman who does Femshep’s voice is actually from my area!) The world is easy to get lost in. I spent a few hours doing side missions on the Citadel before actually leaving to find Liara after that whole Spectre deal. I know, even at this early point, that I will definitely be playing Mass Effect 2.

Surprisingly, the controls were easy to get… or maybe I’ve just learned to be patient after all these years. I still have to check the control settings from time to time to see what key does what. But mostly, it’s been a frustration free experience—if you don’t count trying to control Mako.  That wretched tank!

This is pretty much how Mako makes me feel.

The big question is, what will I play it on? I do want to keep my choices from the PC game, but I played the demo for ME2 on Playstation 3 and enjoyed it, too. So, I’ve figured out a solution. I’ll do both! On the PC, I’ll continue to play out my story, and on the PS3, I’ll try something completely different. I also will take that opportunity to play more of the classes. Right now, I’m playing an Adept and a Soldier on Mass Effect. Both are a lot of fun.

This was (basically) the obligatory post to tell my friends they were right and I was wrong, but this in no way means that I’ll trust your “wisdom” more often. 


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