Monday, July 25, 2011

Viola... ♥

Can I marry a video game character yet (or at least a cosplayer dressed like Viola)?

Took a brief hiatus on Eternal Sonata and gaming in general due to how busy my life was. When I came home from New York, I found myself with some new responsibilities at work that included me gutting an old workshop that we give regularly and redoing it. I won’t say from the ground up since I kept much of the same material, but I changed it quite a bit.

That’s beside the point. The real point is that I still love this game. It has a beautiful, large cast of playable characters. And I can’t say enough about the musical influences or having Chopin as a playable character. The world itself is so vibrant and breathtaking. However, there’s another reason for this post. This post serves an undying ode to my favorite character, and arguably one of the more powerful characters on the game, Viola.

She was the fourth member to join my group after I helped her save her sheep from some crazies. From the beginning she’s been sassy, funny, and an all around joy to play with. She suits my playing style perfectly being equal parts offensive and defensive. You can use her from long range with her bow for some sniping and team healing courtesy of her awesome healing arrow. Or you can use her as an alpha striker dealing some serious beatdown with her bone crumble attack.

She’s the type of female character I love in RPGs. Mostly female characters are delegated to either being magical in nature (the Aeris type) or a character that can lay down a real smackdown (the Tifa type).  Not that there’s anything wrong with this because male characters are handled in a similar fashion, but it’s nice to encounter a (female) character who’s rounded in a game, a character who can give as good as she can get.

I have a set team that I typically play with that I know I’ll have to change a bit eventually. My mother-in-law played this game first, so she spoiled it a little for me. So far, I’ve consistently used Allegretto, Chopin, and Viola. Viola is in the top three (and she might be in the top two) for HP and attack strength, and she’s one level lower than both Chopin and Allegretto. When I need someone to make a big attack and end things I either depend on her or Allegretto who is your typical warrior/soldier archetype.

Not only can I depend on her to make a killing blow, I also use her heavily as my team’s primary healer despite a few of my other characters having some great spot heals. And healers with powerful attacks don’t seem to be the standard in my RPG games. They're either excellent magic types or excellent warrior types--rarely both. I’ve heard some argue that Viola is probably too powerful, and they might be somewhat right.

Chopin is powerful in his own right, but I use him because if his ability to drastically lower an enemies’ attack power with Mirage Blow, which has changed the favor of the battle in my favor many times. Against Tuba, I HIGHLY recommend equipping this attack as your main for a while. After taking a couple of defeats, I put it to good use after deciding I was fed up with losing. Healing Arrow (Viola) and Mirage Blow (Chopin) will be your best friends during this battle. It was amazing how well I was able to keep my team alive with Viola's heal.

Now, this game does have other witty female characters in Salsa and Falsetto, but Viola is a character that can hang with the boys and really be a real deciding factor on a team. Salsa can come off a bit annoying and brattish in her confidence, and Falsetto can seem condescending. The other females in this game seem skittish and always look as if they’re on the verge of tears (but they kick total ass, too). 

Viola is a goodhearted teaser who believes in speaking just what’s on her mind without coming off as overbearing or argumentative. She’s a great character and makes this game ten times more fun than it already is. 


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