Wednesday, July 6, 2011

But What About the Children?

This is not another Casey Anthony post to debate whether she’s guilty or not guilty or whether the case was properly presented or not. What’s done is done—regardless of where your feelings reside on the subject. And no, I won’t be taking part in any discussions that deal with her guilt or lack thereof.

So much of the outrage, judgments, and thoughts give more worth to Casey Anthony than the real victim in this mess—Caylee. It’s somewhat disturbing that everyone wants to have an opinion on Casey, but no one is standing up and saying, “Hey, what about the baby? Let’s have a moment of silence for her.” Unlike her mother, there is no closure for her.

Or do you even care? Are you acting like a shark that smells blood and just want to get in on the feeding frenzy? What about any of the other young victims of violent crimes? Caylee is hardly the first and won’t be the last. When do we stop giving so much power to the accused by calling for blood and start asking what can we do as a community to teach our communities better, to provide solace for the families who are victims in such situations as well?

There are no wishful Dexter memes here. There are no “shoulda, coulda, woulda” laments here. There are no arguments about what the prosecution could’ve done better here. There is sorrow. Caylee wasn’t much older than my own daughter is now, and I look at her and my heart hurts thinking of someone harming a baby so precious and innocent.

There’s sorrow for not only Caylee, but all those who have gone before her. This shouldn’t have happened to them. They did nothing to deserve this but dare to be born. Requiescat in pace, baby girl, and all who proceeded you.

Parents, hug your children. Regardless of whether you agree with Casey Anthony's verdict or not, hug your babies and let them know they are loved and what happened to Caylee should not happen to any child ever.


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