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[30 Day Comic Book Challenge] The DELUXE Edition

Didn’t have much time to do these this week due to some other things that I did during the week, so I’m doing days 20-23 in one big post. Hopefully, I’ll be able to be on top of things for the rest of next week since  I am nearly done!

Day 20 – Favorite Super Power or Skill
Good question. I like many powers, but I think one of my favorite actually falls in the paranormal field. I love psychometry. I think it’s fascinating that someone would be able to tell a whole history from something they touched. And also, maybe because the characters that wield it make it seem so smexy like Quinlan Vos of the Star Wars fame.

Day 21 – Favorite Writer
Having recently been introduced to Greg Rucka by a fellow comic geek, I’ve decided that he is my new favorite writer. Up until that point, I would’ve said Grant Morrison. However, Rucka writes what I love best. He makes these characters real to me by writing about the psychological side of them, delving into their past, their fears, giving them a cohesive personality and background. Even though I personally think that Batman & Huntress: Cry for Blood is my favorite comic by him right now, he sealed my love for him when I read these words from Batman: Death and the Maidens:

I can’t remember my mother. The mind betrays emotion. What the head knows, the heart forgets […] It is only intellect keeping them alive now. I can’t remember them anymore. Not really. Not honestly. And I am afraid… I don’t feel it anymore…

I’ve always wondered about that. I knew that Batman’s parents’ death would always stay with him, but what would he feel like when the feelings fade after years. Would he know it? What would he think of it? Yes, I realize that their deaths impacted him greatly, but after so many years, the pain would lessen. The influence would still be there, but it’d be so easy to forget their faces, to have scar tissue where the pain once was. I liked that Rucka touched that in that comic. And he’s always tackled these issues with various characters.

I love the action, but sometimes what really draws me to a character is how much I can relate and empathize with them. Rucka knows how to really bring these things out of these characters.

Day 22 – A Comic Book Second Volume Which Disappointed You
I can’t say that I can think of one right off hand that’s disappointed me. But I will give this more thought and get back to you on that. I’m sure something along the way has made me go “meh…”

Day 23 – You Favorite Artist
J.H. Williams III! Have you looked at his art? Especially his Batwoman art! OMG, MY FEELINGS!


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