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[30 Day Comic Book Challenge] Day 04 - Your Guilty Pleasure Comic or Character


I’m going to cheat on this one like I did yesterday’s challenge, but only slightly. My guilty pleasure character (and guilty pleasure comics) actually started life as a video game, but now has plenty of comics written about it. Some of the newer comics are pretty good. Some of the older comics based on this game… well… it takes a real fan to love them.

Without further ado, I present to you my guilty pleasure character!

Let’s give it up for Dan, y’all.

Dan is, without a doubt, the comic relief of the Street Fighter universe from his tearful passion to his made up style of martial arts to his pink gi and sparkly smile. While he doesn’t get much respect from the fans, Dan is the fucking man. And I’m of the opinion that if they’d made a movie about Dan instead of Chun-Li, it would’ve been a beautiful sight to behold. Wherever you have Dan, awesome is sure to follow.

Question: What’s more embarrassing than a girl beating you at MvC2 with a girl? Answer: A girl who beats you at MvC2 with Dan Hibiki.

How can anyone NOT love Dan the Man? I've been playing Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix on the PS3 because I used to love playing that back in the day, and all my favorite scenes involve Dan. Dan rolling around the screen annoying the shit out of Hsien-ko screaming "YAHOO!" until her hand is forced. Good stuff. 

Sakura fangirling over Ryu while Dan strikes his man pose with the streaming tears and "bulging muscles" in the background until her hand is forced (he was interrupting her fangirl moment after all). Morrigan morphing herself into different players doing their victory poses and when she morphs into Dan, he pops up on the screen and does his victory pose with her (they make a nice, clueless couple).

My favorite support move on Marvel vs Capcom 2 (no matter how USELESS) is Dan autographing his own picture and throwing it at your enemy. I don't understand all the "DAN INDUCES RAGE!" posts. I kid you not. 

There are people who play with Dan on the games, but admit that he causes them a great deal of anger until they're ready to throw the fight. Enjoy the comedic gold. In a game series full of people who want vengeance and respect and "My FightFu pwns your FightDu!", Dan is like the antithesis to nearly all characters in that game series (except when thinking about how bubbly Elena is). Sure, Dan wants revenge, but Dan is a cornball. Dan is full of FUN!

Let’s have a moment of silence for his awesomeness:

Danimations courtesy of TFG!


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