Friday, July 1, 2011

[30 Day Comic Book Challenge] Day 01 – Your First Comic Book

“Enter freely, and of your own will.” – Storm (to Dracula)

The first comic I can recall reading is Uncanny X-Men #159—titled Night Screams. I had to be around five or six at the time. I was an early reader (had been reading a couple years at this point), and being that I lived with my grandparents, they didn’t think much of me reading comics because they thought they were just for kids. This issue remains one of my favorites to this day.

I’m not sure where I’d gotten the comic. Probably one of my older male cousins. I was a bit of a tomboy at that age, and most of my playmates were boys. Aside from a few girly loves, such as My Little Pony, my world was filled with Thundercats, Transformers, etc. 

Anyone who knows me knows I love three things—comic books, the supernatural, and mafia movies. My friends joke that I’m the go-to girl on anything supernatural, especially vampires. Hey, I don’t own numerous field guides to the undead for nothing. I often credit my love of vampires to the Vampire Diaries (the Twilight of my teen years), but looking back, this comic had to be my earliest encounter with the lore and probably planted the seed for it.

In this issue, Storm is attacked by Dracula after walking Kitty to a meeting with her parents. She begins to act out sorts (most notably her aversion toward Kitty who she was close to at the time), wishing for death, dreading the sunlight. You know the usual stuff that vampire bites bring about.

This was one of many times when Storm’s indomitable will comes into play. During a standoff with Dracula, who should’ve had complete control over her, he finds that he’s unable to make her do what he commands. She can’t attack him, but neither can he force her to do what he wants. He concedes that her will was what attracted him to her and that same will is what made his attempts to bind to her fail.

This is also the first time I think comic book readers find out about Nightcrawler’s faith. As a teen/adult, I have read most of the beginning comics for the new team of X-Men, and this comic was the first one that solidified Nightcrawler was a Christian from what I can tell.

This was an excellent introduction to the X-Men for me. Had I read something different I probably would’ve still gotten into the comics, but I’m glad this is one of the first—if not the first—that I read. I think this meme is going to have me revisiting some old comics soon. Now, I feel like digging this one out and giving it a read.


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