Monday, June 20, 2011

The Flight and My First AirBnB experience

Arrived safely in New York at around 2am Sunday morning, a two hour difference from my original 11:59pm arrival. The weather in the southeast had been pretty terrible those last few days leading up to my flight with storms coming and going faster than you could blink. One minute you'd be soaking up the sunshine, and the next torrential downpour would be beating you into submission.

Fortunately, I wasn't one of those people who'd been delayed for days. Some people had even boarded their flights only to be turned around due to the weather. I can only imagine their frustrations with the situation, especially when you have no one to blame except Mother Nature. And who gon' check Mother Nature?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I used AirBnB to book a room for one night from someone. To recap, I learned about AirBnB through an article on Learnvest about saving on travel costs. AirBnB allows people to post their spaces to rent out to others. This could be a room or a whole house. Since I was arriving a day earlier than I intended and didn't want to pay for an extra night in the hotel I'd book, I gave a user on AirBnB a try, going with a person who has an excellent track record among users. And the price was good as well. It turned out to be an easy experience.

During the delay, I called to let my host know that I would be later than I expected. He was in Seattle, but he did a great job of helping me out. His other boarders knew I was coming and he gave me the phone numbers to use to contact them. He made sure the public transportation route I had was the most convenient.

His place was clean and has a fun, open vibe. There's not a lot of space, but that's okay. All I needed was somewhere to sleep and plug up my gadgets. I'm not picky about where I'm staying as long as it's safe and clean. And I felt secure, relaxed there. The other guests were friendly as well. Felt almost like I was in a dorm again. The experience was positive enough that I will definitely try AirBnB again, and I'm kind of sad that I had to leave there.

I recommend checking out the site and using its services if you don't mind staying in someone else's space.


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2016 Reading Challenge
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